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Welcome to, the official site for all applicants responding to the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) National Grants for Program Year (PY) 2016 Funding Opportunity Number: FOA-ETA-16-04-A, as posted in on June 23, 2016: Applicants are required to use this site to input their detailed bids for the number of available national grantee positions in each state and county they propose to serve. There are separate bid forms for the general national grant funds and for the set-aside national grant funds for Indian or Native American organizations and for Asian and Pacific Islander organizations.

The site is designed so that applicants may enter and save tentative bids by state throughout the competition period until they are ready to submit their final bids. At that time, they will submit an official copy of their final bid that will become a required component of their application in response to the FOA. DOL will only accept final bids submitted through Applicants may download copies of their tentative bids and final bids for their own use.

For general applicants, an interactive map shows the PY 16 available positions for national grantees, PY 16 authorized positions for state grantees, PY 15 authorized positions for state and national grantees, and PY 15 enrollments as of June 2016 for state and national grantees.

For detailed instructions on using this site to submit your bid, go to the Instructions page.

Without registering, interested members of the public may see the number and location of positions available to national grantees in PY 16 through general grant funds by using the links in the box to the right to download a table in Excel or PDF format. You may also use the link in the box to the right to download a file containing Census maps for each state with the counties identified.

Applicants should e-mail all questions regarding the FOA to and must specifically reference FOA-ETA-16-04-A. Along with their question(s), they must include a contact name, e-mail address, fax and phone number. For technical questions about or assistance with, applicants must use the "Contact Us" function. A link is provided on each page of this application.

Applicants are required to register before they may access the rest of this site.